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      BigAnt Smart Crate

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BigAnt SMART CRATE, thinking of your space and life

Giving you better space and convenience

The Special Features

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A brand that specializes
          in the plastic boxes in Inpack Global

BigAnt Power is perfect for any logistics solution

Designed to be motifed by ants moving large weights over their bodies, our logo is our brand of confidence that we can take responsibility for any logistics. We will always remember what our brand has to mean and do our best to develop products that our customers can trust.



It's the only crate that protects your stuff completely

All crates must be strong to protect its contents.

The BigAant Smart Crate has undergone numerous tests to achieve robustness.

At the end of our efforts, we developed products that had little variation in ultraviolet, chemical and temperature and were resistant to external shocks.


BigAnt Smart Crate always thinks your healthy

Eco-friendly Materials

Environmental hormones have a serious negative effect on the human body.

Our material, pp does not modified even in high temperatures and has the advantage of not leaking environmental hormones.

PP is also used in medical equipment and medicine containers.

So you can use them as much as you like.


A small Volume

BigAnt Smart Crate to give you more room

We've been thinking about making our products more comfortable and efficient. 

When you fold our crate, it will reduce your volume to a quarter, helping you use your space more efficiently. Even folding requires two fingers.

Up to 1/4 less volume

Easy to operate

The images provided and descriptions of the actual product may differ in some ways. Features and utilization pictures may differ from reality. Specifications may be changed without notice, depending on the results of various testing and certification bodies.​ Certain colors of the images provided may not be applicable based on MOQ basis.

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