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​Product Information

The Special Features

The best folding crates in Korea is BigAnt Smart Crate

The Oriental window style allows smooth air inflow and improves product strength through structural analysis. Feel the rigidity of a test-certified plastic folding box, BigAnt Smart Crate.

190603 홈페이지 특장점 튼튼함(한국전통문양) 차콜, 블루.jpg

Application of Korean

Traditional Style Pattern

Using eco-friendly materials

PP (polypropylene) is a widely used eco-friendly material because there is no such release of environmental hormones as infant products, utensils, or medical appliances. Adopt BigAnt Smart Crate which considering your health.

A various of stuff made from eco-friendly materials

[Optional items_refer to the page of accessories]

​Can be attached the wheels

You can attach the wheels when moving heavy objects at your factory or home.

Application for Kids (IP403026)

Need the spanner for the wheels of IP543630 / IP604030 / IP734235

Application in industry field (IP734235)

Maximize publicity by using Mark Plate

Can be printed for various corporate logos and event slogans.


* It can be done based on MOQ. More information, please feel free to contact us.

MARK PLATE can be printed your logo

Powerful multi storage capability

BigAnt Smart Crate has powerful multi storage capability. Experience BigAnt Smart Crate with it's stunning ability to go indoors, outdoors, sports and even industry.

220526 홈페이지 특장점 (차트렁크 캡교체).jpg
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